Bayern Munich player replacement of Betis for Andrés Guardado

The long career of the Mexican could end up at the hands of a player who has been asking for a clue and has a great echo in the internal environment

Real Betis shakes the market again with a very powerful possibility, the same one that has been making room in that fact of finding substitutes for a man like Andrés Guarded. The Central American player has not gravitated to the Verdiblanco club for a long time, Pellegrini he is already needing to improve the plot.

Therefore, the option that Bayern Munich shows is by far one of the most optioned. Marc Roca is the protagonist, and at the same level of Dani ceballos Today it appears on the list of possibilities with an advantage that is the simplicity that the German champion would give when carrying out the operation. As is popular in these cases it is a loan at least until the end of the season.

Sevilla Marc Roca
The Catalan midfielder is preparing for his return to LaLiga Santander.

There is no doubt that the victim is saved at this moment for a Betis that needs to go head-on in all competitions

In the beginning the performance of the Mexican was good, but at this stage of the competition and with everything Betis is at stake, it is hardly normal that these types of alternatives begin to fall. For now what the directive has said is that in order to add before they have to leave certain players, so this alternative is the one that best fits.

In addition, there are many more things, such as eliminating other doors that go on the side of the analysis of other players, such as: Tello, Camarasa or Paul. For now, what the coaching staff has said is that hopes are pinned on this type of hiring. That not only have they demonstrated their ability before, but they have enough gasoline to at least go head-on for a while longer.

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Although Ceballos is one more possibility, the Marc Roca thing takes all the crumbs at this moment

The lack of activity in this case is what sets the trend. It is clear that Marc Roca has left Espanyol in search of glory and it has been the opposite. This season, for example, he has not made his debut, and in most of the games he does not even go to the bench, which shows a very broad trend in that regard.

There is talk of an initial transfer offer, with a payment application that has not yet uncovered figures. Accommodating the checkbook is the main thing right now and we are already working in that sense. However, Antonio Cordón will take advantage of his good relationships to take advantage of something that is sensed is going to be the model to follow from now on.

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