Bayern Munich joins the list of clubs interested in Xabi Alonso

In the world of football, the fight for top coaches is a crucial aspect of any team’s success. In this context, Xabi Alonso, currently on the Bayer Leverkusen bench, has emerged as a prominent name and two European giants, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, appear ready to wage a battle for his services.

Xabi Alonso’s influence on Bayer Leverkusen has been undeniable since his arrival at the club, which has led to a significant improvement in the team’s performance. This change did not go unnoticed and the German club offered him an extension, which he accepted. However, this gesture of engagement has not deterred potential applicants.



Real Madrid, who currently have Carlo Ancelotti as their coach, are one of the teams most interested in having Xabi Alonso on their coaching staff. Ancelotti’s position could be in jeopardy, allowing the search for a replacement, and Alonso’s name has gained prominence in Real Madrid circles.

Bayern Munich joins the list of clubs interested in Xabi Alonso

On the other hand, Bayern Munich, one of the strongest clubs in Europe, has also expressed interest in Xabi Alonso. Bayern are considering restructuring their technical team and see Alonso as a figure who could fit into their future plans.

It is important to highlight that a possible move for Xabi Alonso would not take place in the winter market, but the battle for his signing will only take place in the next summer market. At this point, Carlo Ancelotti’s situation at Real Madrid could change and Bayern Munich would also be willing to start negotiations.

Xabi Alonso remains loyal to Bayer Leverkusen for now and the German club is happy with his performance. Leverkusen will likely try to keep him longer, which could complicate possible negotiations. However, if Real Madrid or Bayern Munich are willing to make a tempting offer, the situation could change drastically in the future.

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