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Bayern mega contract for Kane

Bayern mega contract for Kane

He Bayern Munich he was aware that in order to convince Harry Kane to leave the islands he would have to make a big bet, translated into a long-term contract. The wife of the 30-year-old English striker has already been seen these days in the Bavarian city and the Tottenham Hostpur captain has already firmly communicated to the club his intention not to renew.

The commitment is reciprocated and everything It seems a matter of time before Kane stamps his signature on the contract that his brother Charlie already hasyour adviser, who will be four or five years plus a salary on the highest salary scale of the workforcein which Mané arrived, close to 20 million euros, reveals Sport Bild. The duration of Kyle Walker’s contract, which will come from the hand of Kane, has already raised blisters for exceeding the club’s policy, of not offering more than a year’s contract to 30-year-old players, as has happened with Müller or Neuer.

TO Ante PostecoglouSpurs coach, does not seem too amused by the uncertainty surrounding the top scorer in the history of the English team, so he did not hesitate to ask for clarity on the matter. “We don’t want to drag it out too long. I don’t think it’s good for anyone. I don’t think it’s good for Harry, I don’t think it’s good for the club.”were the words of the coach in this regard.

Bastian Schweinsteigera legend of the German club who also went through the Premier during his time at Manchester United, believes that Bayern should be the next step in Kane’s career: “I think Harry Kane is someone who can fill that gap. (which Robert Lewandowski left with his departure to Barcelona). The question is if Harry Kane chooses Bayern. It is clear that he has a better chance here than at Tottenham to win important titles. He knows where the goal is. He is a player who can score goals from any position. With the head, with the right or with the left. From that point of view, he would fit in very well, ”underlined the German world champion.

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