Baxi Manresa takes a giant step towards salvation

Baxi Manresa has signed a hard-fought victory against UCAM Murcia, which they won 93-83, which allows them to move away from the relegation zone in the Endesa League.

The good defense from Manresa, a very focused Dani García and a good Robinson have been the keys to the game for the Manresa team, who have added a well-deserved victory.

The match began with good offensive transitions from Manresa. But it has not taken long for Pustovyi to appear. His physical superiority has marked differences in the initial moments.

BAXI had a hard time getting into the game, with turnovers and little success from the perimeter. The pace of the game has picked up and has benefited the locals, but the difference in effectiveness from the line of three has been notable, with a Murcia that has not forgiven (12-18 min 8:15).

Dani García has been in charge of breaking the drought in Manresa’s three-pointer and boosting his team at the start of the second quarter. Badio and his penetrations have also made a dent in the Murcian defense (25-19 min 13:00).


93 – BAXI MANRESA (14+25+28+26): Jou (1), Robinson (17), Harding (9), Geben (12), Dani Pérez (8) â starting fiveâ Waczynski (9), Vaulet (4), Ferrari (10), Badio (11), Steinbergs ( -), Olumuyiwa (7) and Garcia (5).

83 – UCAM MURCIA (19+23+20+21): Chiozza (13), Pustovyi (18), Sakho (12), Anderson (5), Jelinek (2) â starting five â Bellas (-), Radovic (4), McFadden (12), Diop (2), Rojas (11 ), Nikolic (3) and Andronikashvili (1).

referees: Carlos Peruga, Esperanza Mendoza and Rubén Sánchez Mohedas. No deleted.

incidents: match corresponding to day 29 of the Endesa League played in the Nou Congost pavilion before 4,000 spectators.

Despite the rush, Murcia has continued to score, finding spaces to shoot without opposition with a great McFadden, which has been a nightmare for the locals. At the end of the quarter, Murcia has prevailed in the game and in the result.

Equality has been the keynote at the start of the third half, with both teams replicating the previous attack. Robinson has made an appearance and Manresa has come out on top and the great effectiveness of Dani García has allowed a new change of leader (51-46 min 22: 30). At the end of the quarter, free kicks and good defense allowed Manresa to maintain the difference.

The rest did not sit well with the locals, who came out less focused. The rebound was from Bages and Geben, very successful from the perimeter, made the biggest difference for Manresa (77-68 min 33:48).

However, Postovyi has brought Murcia closer to four points with three minutes remaining. The outcome has been more tense than Manresa was interested in, but a final shot from Waczynski has guaranteed the local victory.

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