Bautista: “Raising the weight is not the solution”


alvaro bautista will defend his title of world champion of superbike. And with the number 1 on the fairing of his Panigale, which she presented in Madonna of Campiglio together with the Lenovo MotoGP team. After the act, he attends the press to leave his impressions about the new project.

Do you already feel the pressure to be number 1?

-No not at all. The goal is to enjoy on the bike. The important thing is to have fun with the bike and to do the best I can and to be physically and mentally at my best to achieve it. Then, the results are a consequence of the work of the work and of the felling that you have I’m looking forward to getting on the bike.

-What do you expect from the new Panigale?

I don’t expect big changes. In addition, this is a bike that depends a lot on the standard one, it will be a small evolution and I hope to be able to feel good after months without riding it.

-What differences are there with the MotoGP prototype?

-The power, the carbon brakes that allow you to ride the bike better and later. The SBK is more unstable, you dance more with it, while the MotoGP goes on rails. Mine looks a lot like the one on the street.

-Defends championship title in the Superbike World Championship. Who will be his greatest rival?

– Toprak Razgatlioglu will be the most difficult driver. He is young, more than Rea and me, he is growing, with a lot of talent. He will be very competitive and he will be very strong. Last year it cost him more at the beginning, but he will start much better. In addition, we will have to see those who arrive: Petrucci, Gardner.

And his teammate Rinaldi?

He is young and can grow. The key is consistency, but I think he can take a step forward.

-Do you have anything to say about the weight controversy?

– Now I have cut my hair, I weigh less (laughs). I always say the same thing, I don’t think increasing the minimum weight is the solution. Imagine in the event of a fall, you need more space and time to stop it and on certain circuits we go to the limit. Heavier pilots have more disadvantage in some areas and more advantages in others. I’m not the one who makes the rules, but I don’t think it’s fair to increase the weight of the bikes.

-Does the idea of ​​making a wild card with MotoGP still stand?

-From the outside it looks like a fun bike to ride, and I would like to be able to do some test with it.


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