A special commission chaired by Andrés Bautista and the trustee of La Vega, Kelvin Cruz, on behalf of President Luis Abinader, delivered the sum of 15 million pesos, for the completion of the Moca Olympic Stadium, the official home of the Moca FC team.

Bautista, in his words confirmed that President Abinader fulfilled the promise he made during one of his visits to the Espaillat province, to deliver 25 million pesos for the completion of this work that will have its lights to play at night and other activities of the mocanos.

"Today Kelvin Cruz trustee of La Vega, and a server, we are proud to be able to deliver this complement of 15 million pesos, to a province that has marked the history of national football, with its great achievements. The Mocanos will have a modern stadium to enjoy their favorite sport with love and passion, ”said Bautista.

The Moca FC team already has in their hands a project that is in line with the height of a sports city, Bautista explained enthusiastically, before managers, partners and the press that was present in the activity carried out in the modern facilities, located in the “José Sánchez Pérez” sports complex in this city.

The trustee of La Vega, Kevin Cruz, who is part of the special commission of the Government, also spoke, as well as José Bautista president of the Moca FC Administrative Council, the trustee of Moca Guarocuya Cabral and José Frank Acosta president of the Espaillat Football Association (AFE).



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