On November 19, Electronic Arts and DICE released Battlefield 2042. While regular edition players were only able to get started with the latest generation of Battlefield last Friday, owners of the Gold and Ultimate editions have had access since November 12. . Before its official release, the game has received very negative user reviews. in, among others, Metacritic, most of the Steam users have now also spoken negatively about the game.

For example, the Steam website indicates that with 27% of the 39,751 user reviews, only a quarter of Battlefield 2042 players on Steam are satisfied with the status of the shooter. This has placed the game in the top ten lowest rated Steam games, with 2,042 in 10th place at the time of this writing.

Figures from SteamDB show that despite negative reviews, the game experienced a peak of 105,397 players just hours after launch. There are currently around 41,200 concurrent players, which puts the game at 15th place. An important side note: Since EA will release 2042, the game will also be offered in its own Origin and EA stores. Therefore, the figures for Steam users only do not show the full picture of all PC gamers.

It cannot be ruled out that some of these revisions are represented by revision pumps. User reviews show some recurring criticism such as errors and glitches, but also the lack of the familiar dialer and the server browser. In addition, there is discontent in the field of specialists, who have to replace the traditional classes. Reddit user Jellyswim_ has a solid list released, with all the features they say are missing or less implemented compared to previous Battlefield titles.

Have you already been able to test Battlefield 2042? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments.

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