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Battlefield 2042: the hypothesis of a postponement of release is gaining momentum on the web

Battlefield 2042 is still expected on October 22 on consoles and PC. However, more and more leakers and players in the video game industry agree that a postponement of the game is inevitable. A few additional weeks of development would be necessary for the Dice teams, for a launch postponed to the end of November / beginning of December 2021.

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The end of the year 2021 will be marked by many video game releases. Of course, we will not escape the traditional Titans duel between Battlefield and Call of Duty. For its part, Battlefield 2042 is expected on PC, PS5 / PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / Series S on October 22, 2021. Its main competitor, a certain Call of Duty Vanguard, arrives on November 5 on the media previously cited.

The battle promises to be tough, Battlefield 2042 having serious assets to showcase, such as clashes with 128 players, the presence of bots to avoid empty servers or the promising Battlefield Portal mode. Only, it seems that the end of development does not really go as planned at DICE, the historical developers of the saga.

Several journalists announce a postponement of release for Battlefield 2042

Indeed, many leakers, journalists and players in the video game industry agree in saying that a postponement of the release of the title is inevitable. This is the case of Shpeshal Nick, co-founder of XboxEra and holder of a good track record of proven leaks, who ensures that the FPS would be delayed by a few weeks, for a release fixed at the end of 2021. This Wednesday, September 15, 2021, it is the turn of Jeff Grubb, journalist recognized in the gaming sphere, to announce “the opening of the postponement season ”. He pursues : “More postponements to come this week ”. Of course, it doesn’t refer directly to BF 2042, but the coincidence is too good, right?

Tom Henderson, a leaker known for his revelations on the Call of Duty and Battlefield games, outbid this Wednesday, September 15, 2021. According to his information, there is indeed a question of a postponement of several weeks for a release at the end of November 2021. He also specifies that the studio’s lack of communication in relation to the beta is linked to recent problems encountered in the development of the title. Of course, you should take your statements with a grain of salt, for lack of official speech on the part of EA or DICE. Anyway, it is clear that the American publisher can not do without the Christmas holidays and leave a boulevard to its enemy of always Call of Duty.

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