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Batman: The Brave and The Bold: Andy Muschietti (The Flash) leaves the ship

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Among the new projects of DCUsthere will be a new movie Batmanentitled The Brave and The Bold. With the comicBatman & Sound», Grant Morrison imagined in 2006 a breathtaking story that serves as the basis for the screenplay. In this story, the Black Knight made the unexpected discovery of Damian Waynethe fruit of his love with Talia Al Ghulthe daughter of Batman’s former master, Ra’s Al Ghul.

A big question has arisen among the various rumors: who will be the next to embody Batman? james gunn has in any case decided: It will be neither Robert Pattinsonalready at work on the sequel to The Batman with matt reevesneither Ben Affleckwho should join the stable DC Comics as director. According Peter Safranone of the new stable bosses DC, The Brave and The Bold should highlight the family gravitating around Bruce Wayne. Initially it was Andy Muschietti (The Flash) who was connected to the project but we have just learned that the filmmaker has decided to leave the ship for deep creative differences with the staff of the DCUs. The film is scheduled for a release date in 2026.

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