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Batistuta, the IMF, and the insolence of wealth

Batistuta, the IMF, and the insolence of wealth

The dictator Francisco Franco coined an unfading phrase: “Do as I do and don’t get involved in politics.” This is explained by the very nature of power, which is, by definition, like money, insatiable. A few days ago Gabriel Batistuta coined another: “I didn’t want to pay a tax, and they killed me. In any case, if you want, I’m not a generous guy, but nevertheless, they think I’m a son of a bitch. We often fall into the essentialist temptation of attributing the bitterness of our disputes to a kind of congenital curse. The worst thing about prejudice is that you don’t know you have it. As in the Tevez “phenomenon”, the more you progress in heritage and in the social hierarchy, the whiter the whites see you.

What an invention, the one with the door. One would put doors on everything, including the field. That field of ours of my soul. There are doors that you don’t know if you enter or leave, if you are inside or outside the world. Batistuta opens and closes them depending on the needs of the country. She conveys a political sentimentality of surprising effectiveness. Endowed with the energy of which he has slept well, freshly showered, and after having done a bit of ideological “cardio” in the gym, he dispatched himself in a national media, bothering: “I live in the other (Argentina). I have no political flags. I’m Batistuta, I broke my ankles so that, at 53 years old, I can scratch myself if I want to. It doesn’t seem fair to me that I have to pay that tax.” It’s nice to know that there are people giving their best at all times, especially in such delicate moments. In any case, in a pandemic, the country was too big for him.

Gorin Gopinath (Calcutta, 50 years old), chief economist from 2019-2022, and now number two at the International Monetary Fund, an organization with a savage tradition of imposing budgetary disciplines by blood and fire – those ravages of the ideology of the inexorable – expressed in a Spanish media the need to instrumentalize new tax measures: “It is about applying temporary taxes on extraordinary individual and business benefits and that some countries are studying. I think it is an interesting idea and we have mentioned it in our report”. A text capable of opening wide even the most shrunken head. Even so, Batistuta, has just been seized by the Federal Justice of Reconquest for more than 71 million pesos based on a lawsuit from the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) for non-compliance with the payment of the Solidarity and Extraordinary Contribution of the Great Fortunes.

One wonders how much inequality is acceptable, distinguishing between inequality of opportunity and inequality of outcomes. Giving credibility to the idea that we live in a society of meritocracy par excellence, which rewards effort and natural talent, not only means missing reality, but also reinforces an ideology that legitimizes privilege and blocks social leveling.

The new forms of late capitalism, celebrated by this individualism with a festive mood, inserted in postmodernity, breaks social ties and replaces the collective political dimension with the subjective. A hedonistic individualism in the self-satisfaction of desires and in the marketing of the self. As we tear down statues, we consume idols at a bulimic rate of love and labels. We have opted for “being”, and that is not the way, because being is an entelechy, and reality is a collective and participatory process aimed at providing a greater transfer of the evolution of income and wealth inequalities. It is still possible to conceive a utopia of the spirit, despite the fact that Batistuta has put doors to the field.

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