Leslie Grace shared a first official look at the new costume of Barbara Gordon for the film centered on Batgirl intended for HBO Max. Batgirl reached the milestone for the character who will appear in live-action for the second time in its history, the first being batman & robin in 1997, where she was embodied by Alicia Silverstone. Since then, movies Batman tended to shy away from young vigilante sidekicks, they were seen as incompatible with darker interpretations of Batman popular since the turn of the century. Today, while the DCEU seeks to expand its cinematic universe yet deconstruct everything that worked, Batgirl will appear in a solo film.

In the universe of DC Comics, Batgirl is the secret pseudonym of Barbara Gordon. She is the daughter of james Gordon, Gotham City Police Commissioner and close ally of the Batman. In most portrayals of the character, James Gordon is unaware of his daughter’s double life. JK Simmons having confirmed that he will return to his role as commissioner Gordon, it is likely that Leslie Grace and he shares many scenes in the film.

The actress showed off her Batgirl costume on Instagram. The costume embraces Batgirl’s colorful comic book origins, in the vein of recent DCEU films, with bright purples and yellows adorning most traditional portrayals of the character. Batgirl poses against gothic architecture, her signature red hair blowing in the wind.

Leslie Grace Batgirl

The film The Flash (2022) being the swan song of Ben Affleck in the role of Batman, Michael Keaton should take over for Batgirl. Keaton’s Batman will also make his first appearance in the DCEU via The Flash, although it is not yet known how Ben Affleck will pass the baton to Black Knight veteran. Regardless of the situation, the older version of Keaton is sure to set him and his relationship with Barbara apart from other recent iterations of the character.


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