Baskonia closes the Istanbul tour with two defeats

Bitci Baskonia closed their trip to Istanbul with two defeats in two games. On Tuesday it was Anadolu Efes who defeated the Vitoria. This Thursday, Fenerbahçe by 75-53, who started the game with enthusiasm. Not a couple of minutes had passed and Pi Henry had already had two triples. Neven Spahija had to call a time-out because, at 9-2, he realized that the team’s defense was leaking. And before the Ottoman outfit, in their lair, that is suicide. Five minutes into the game the light was signaling and a dangerous 15-4. Projection of conceding 30 points in the quarter and serious problems when it comes to seeing the opposite ring. But this team has regained its character and, with a triple by Costello, he got to 5 again (19-14, min. 9). It gave the feeling that the Croatian coach had made a mistake with the starting five although, with the departure of Kurucs on the track, the team’s defense grows.

The Turkish team started the second quarter with a 7-0 run and the rubber stretched again (29-17, min. 15). At that moment, it seemed that the people of Vitoria were going to really suffer. Despite a visitor approach to get within 7 points, a new 8-0 run for the Ottomans again opened a gap in the light. It seemed that the game was going to jerks but the handle of the same always dominated the whole of the Asian area of ​​Istanbul. The break was reached with a dangerous 43-28. The Alava came from losing to EFES on Tuesday night and wanted to get rid of that bad taste in their mouths with a victory on the court by Henry and Polonara. There were 20 minutes left and anything could happen.

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Second part

The local team did not lose face on the scoreboard after their return from the dressing room. Bitci Baskonia made timid approaches but the local victory was hardly in danger (52-38, min. 26). Fenerbahce dominated almost every facet of the game and added another notch in the rankings. The 17 points in their favor with 3 minutes to go gave them a cushion to end the game with great tranquility. By then, De Colo had 17 points and Polonara, 12. Bitci Baskonia’s top scorer was, of course, Enoch, with 14 points. Eleventh defeat in the Euroleague that once again moves Vitoria away from the coveted Top-8.

Now what you have to do is focus on the Endesa League and not lose the privileged place that it now occupies. This Sunday he plays with Betis in Seville and he still has to meet Zaragoza and Breogán. In that sense, the victory of a week and a half ago at the Palau against Barcelona was a turning point. The Baskonians return home tonight in a private charter. The Turkish week closed with two defeats

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