Baskonia beat La Penya and will be seeded in the Copa del Rey

Baskonia beat La Penya and will be seeded in the Copa del Rey

In Baskonia they caused Low Pierria Henry and Markus Howard. The first carries discomfort in the soleus and the second, in the back. That brought more minutes for Thompson and Kurucs. In practice, Steven Enoch didn’t play either. In the Youth, absence of Pau Ribas due to adductor problems and the gap left in the squad by William Howard. An agreement was reached for his dismissal and a replacement has not yet been found. Neither did Kraag, Ventura or Maronka play.

Joventut started very stuck in attack. He only made two points in almost 4 minutes. The first 7 of the Cazoo were signed by Thompson. The game drew even (9-9, min. 5) partly due to Tomic’s offensive success, who scored 8 points in the first 7 minutes. A good run of triples by the Peñarroya team (two of them from Hommes) managed to open the first notable difference (25-15, min. 9).

In the second act, the initial protagonist was Dani Díez, who chained two consecutive triples. But the match was very even (35-34, min. 18). Giedraitis had good minutes although La Penya worked very well in defense and was quite effective and versatile in attack. In addition, the scoring was fairly distributed among Carles Durán’s men, with the exception of Tomic. The break was reached with a tight 39-38.

The third quarter began like the first, with a basket from the Croatian interior. In fact, in that third installment there was a duel between two gunmen: Giedraitis in Baskonia and the Dalmatian in Penya. By minute 27, the two had 18 points. It was when Kyle Guy joined the party and chained three triples in a row (62-59, min. 28). The two teams faced the final stretch of the duel very even on the scoreboard and in sensations.

Kotsar had a great second half and helped his team in the paint. He is a mobile player and he didn’t miss too much with free kicks. After several doors behind, Joventut took the initiative in the light (71-72. min. 34). Ellenson did damage in the paint, accompanied by the eternal Tomic or by Birgander. He even got 4 up after a 2+1 from Feliz with penetration included (71-75).

The people from Vitoria missed several three-pointers and La Penya took advantage of it, also dominating the offensive rebound at the key moments of the outcome. They went quite a bit to the free kick and did not miss. But the Cazoo reacted. From 70-75 to 80-81 at the last minute when it finally seemed that the local reaction was coming together thanks also to some very lit stands. rokas Giedratis finished off the job from the free kick with 6 seconds to go. Guy’s desperate three-pointer hit the backboard but didn’t go in.


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