Bas-Rhin: a father broke into the road in front of his relatives while trying to help during an accident

A Belgian in his thirties died this Thursday morning while trying to intervene to help during an accident on the A35 between Strasbourg and Colmar (Alsace), near Barr (Bas-Rhin).

The father of three children, ages 2 to 11, was returning from vacation with his family, reported the latest news from Alsace (DNA). Shortly before 5 a.m., he pulled into the emergency lane near Barr to assist a damaged vehicle.

Together with two other Alsatian motorists, he went to the car to help the driver. It was then that a fast-moving motorist collided with the crashed vehicle. “He told us that he was driving at 130 km / h to the regulator and that he was surprised,” the gendarmes told regional media.

The man from Brussels was hit and the emergency services failed to resuscitate him. The two Alsatians have had time to leave. The victim’s family was treated by firefighters.

In his twenties, the driver of the first crashed car suffered a pelvic fracture and his life was not in danger. He was taken to hospital. According to DNA, the young man fell asleep at the wheel.

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