Barrios, from Torres to Simeone… going through Tevenet

2022 has completed a 180 degree turn in the life of Pablo Barrios. The youth squad has become the sensation of Atlético today after making the most of his first two titles under the command of Simeone. A key goal in the Cup against Arenteiro, a great match against Elche and the same feeling as against Cádiz and Porto: he is a player ready to shine.

At 19 years old (06-15-2003), Barrios has had to face adversities both in his budding sports career and in his personal life. feel like Real Madrid decided to no longer have him in their quarry at the age of a cadet (at the age of 14), later finding his home in Atlético or the death of his mother when he had just come of age have been major obstacles in his path. And, in bad times, the ball was always his refuge. “Every training session and every game was the moment of the day when I tried to completely escape myself and it helped me to overcome my personal problems. I am very grateful to football”, Barrios himself explained in AS from Nyon before playing the Youth League semifinals in April.

And the last few months have brought a reward for effort. became the cornerstone of the youth of Fernando Torres and Ricardo Ortega to reap the league title and reach that final four of the Youth League for the first time in mattress history. Technique, quality, work and feet on the ground with El Niño as a mentor and benchmark… until he went on to play for Simeone and share a dressing room with Koke, his role model. All this after settling in Tevenet’s schemes at Atleti B at lightning speed, another coach who knows the house and what Barrios has to live today. Three categories in six months where he has always maintained his personality, he has been moving his game no matter who was in front of him, He has won over all his coaches and has shown that the future of Atlético can go through his head.

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