The president of the Port of Bilbao has a very complete coach in mind

The Athletic Bilbao go ahead with your choices and one of the ones that ring is Ricardo Barkala Zumelzu. And there is a very influential sector of the club, which would be interested in leading a single candidacy. In addition to this, one of the most powerful proposals he has is to bring a home coach to the bench.

For some time now there has been talk of the subject of the proposals that the candidates will have and many put as priority a new coach. Although for the current president Aitor Elizegi, the work of Marcellin It is very good and if it were up to him, I would keep it for the next season.

Athletic Iraola
Barkala wants Iraola on the Athletic bench

Barkala is emerging as the number 1 candidate to be president of Athletic

This is not the thinking of the next administration and from Barkala there is a clear candidate for Athletic: Andoni Iraola. The Rayo Vallecano coach has had an important season in Vallecas and this has not gone unnoticed in the San Mamés club, especially when the elections are approaching.

Although Iraola is having a remarkable performance in his club, he is a former Athletic captain and one of the 5 players who have worn that shirt the most. For this reason, it would not be a problem to leave the red-and-red team to continue his career as a coach at the club he loves.

Andoni Iraola is the coach Barkala wants at Athletic

And it is that in addition, Barkala is a candidate who wants to opt for unity in Athletic and this is also a point in favor. Now, with the priority of changing coach as the initial proposal and with Andoni Iraola’s name on the table, the chances of victory are high.

We will have to wait then for what may happen in the next Athletic elections. It will be in the summer and there is still a lot of material to be cut, but the name of Ricardo Barkala Zumelzu is beginning to sound strong. With Iraola’s letter, he will be one of those who will clearly fight to be the new president of the Bilbao squad.


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