This is called having nerve. The story of this accountant, which is told to us by our colleagues from , has all the incredible. Recently tried for embezzlement, the man is obviously used to this kind of fraud, since he already had two equivalent entries on his criminal record. But this time, he thought he was fooling everyone by pretending to tell… the truth.

The case dates back to last spring, in full confinement. Just hired in a fairly well-known co-ownership manager in Lille (North), he comes to see his boss. The purpose of the interview: to tell him that the police have information against him for alleged embezzlement. He would have defrauded his old company, but beware, he has not committed this crime since he was hired in the new one. It even pushes the vice, according to La Voix du Nord, to want to sign a sworn statement to prove the truth of the facts.

He never reimbursed

His boss is not fooled and prefers to suspend him before firing him. But by investigating the company, financial services discover that the man has already managed to fool them. By using a fake bank details, he embezzled more than 50,000 euros for invoices issued by a company. “Shopping for pleasure” for the president of the court who was very severe with the man, because of his liabilities. He recalled that he had offered his parents several trips thanks to his previous scams.

The president had no leniency for the crook by sentencing him to six months of house arrest under electronic bracelet. He lamented his lack of response when asked about his reimbursements to injured companies. Since then, he has also been banned from exercising the profession of accountant.


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