Bard already interacts with Google applications and services

One of Bard’s biggest advantages, according to Google, is that it can tailor its answers to each individual’s needs. Among the functions that this artificial intelligence chat allows are, for example, the creation of a document that can be used to plan a trip with a group of friends or the writing of advertisements to offer something for sale on an online portal. However, now Bard will be much more useful as it integrates with the rest of Google’s applications and services.

In addition, it is now available in new languages, notably more than 40 languages, and it has functionalities that were previously only available in the English version.

Connecting to Google apps and services

The English version will now contain a number of extensions to enable new ways of interaction. As explained by Google «With extensions, Bard can find and present interesting information from the Google tools you use every day, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, or the Google Flights and Hotels search engines. Even if the information you need is spread across multiple applications and services«. For example, you can ask the chat to organize a trip with a group of friends and give it access to Gmail to extract the most suitable data for everyone and provide all the information about the trip.

In addition, the Company has specified that the information to which access is granted will only be used for the requested task and not for any other purpose.

Review replies and reuse shared conversations

Now you can also use the “Search on Google” button to check whether the information offered by the search engine is correct. If a claim can be verified, Bard provides highlighted, clickable phrases and accesses Google search information that confirms or contradicts it.

You can also get more out of conversations with other Bard users because if someone else shares a Bard chat with you via a public link, you can continue the conversation and ask Bard more questions about the same topic, or use it as a starting point for yours own ideas.

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