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Barceloneta continues in its galaxy and adds its 18th Cup

Elvis Fatovic.

Atlètic-Barceloneta, the club with the biggest budget in the men’s Division of Honour, continues to fatten up its showcases. In the Can Llong swimming pool of CN Sabadell against a combative local team, Elvis Fatovic’s men won their tenth consecutive Copa del Reythe eighteenth in its history, the third title of the season and yet another demonstration that in the domestic competition it continues to compete in another galaxy.

The first two quarters were an excellent exercise in sea defense. 2-0 in the first quarter with two goals from the buoy by international Miguel de Toro, who was finally chosen the MVP of the final. CN Sabadell crashed again and again with goalkeeper Unai Aguirre, chosen as the best goalkeeper in the championshipand they couldn’t beat him until a minute and a half before the break, when Banicevic made it 4-1 on the scoreboard.

With the title going downhill for the visitors, Sabadell changed their strategy, Barceloneta moved the bench and the match was balanced at times (5-3), although Barceloneta’s best pitchers quickly appeared to return the wide advantage of Fatovic’s men , a group plagued by internationals and whose main objective is in the Euroleague.

Two goals from Asensio, another from the tireless Fran Fernández and the appearance of Alberto Munarriz, who missed the first part of the season when undergoing surgery but now is once again being decisive, they left the final hearing for sentencing. De Toro sealed the deal with his fourth goal (12-5). The celebration was quiet. Winning is a habit for a team that is still in its own galaxy.

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