The FC Barcelona is starting to lose patience with Ousmane Dembélé since they want you to accept the renewal proposal that they have presented to you as soon as possible and it seems that your agent is not for the work. The French footballer ends his contract with the culé at the end of this season so that next January he could freely negotiate with the club he wants, something that would cause a complicated situation in the Catalan team.

According to account Sports world, the doubts about the renewal of Dembélé do not stop growing since each day that passes and that he does not sign, is one less day until January 1, the date on which the ‘mosquito’ would be free to do what he really does want. The Catalan proposal does not finish convincing neither Dembélé, nor his agent, nor his environment since it is a downward renewal, it would charge depending on the games he plays, this was proposed by Barça based on the enormous time that he is French injured.

He’s got big suitors, but they want him for free

Ousmane Dembélé is aware that outside the FC Barcelona He could have a very golden future since there are several clubs, such as Newcastle United, that are willing to offer him a much higher salary than he currently receives in the Culé team, as long as he arrives for free in the next summer market. Despite the fact that the renewal of Dembélé seemed that it was not going to be a problem, the truth is that it does not stop delaying and at Barça they blame their representative, who does not stop giving the team long.



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