Barcelona approved and failed: Gavi, Nico and Jutglà, youth, divine treasure

Ter Stegen: It continues with a very alarming lack of confidence. It does not offer any security, not even with your feet. It is true that he could not do much more in either of the two goals, but it is time for him to save points.

Araújo: Extraordinary, in every way. It was located on the right wing, becoming a real fence. Well in the exit of the ball, he had up to the guts to go up to the attack with the ball at his feet, taking the ovation of the respectable. It’s the players that hook people: all heart and pride.

Eric: Good with the ball at the feet, not so much when it comes to being forceful. Had some adjustment problem with Lenglet. The goals came because of errors in concentration by the squad and the Frenchman, especially the former.

Lenglet: He was more forceful than on other occasions, but it is evident that he is not in a good moment of play. In any case, and despite his many shortcomings, he completed a more than worthy match.

Sergio Busquets: He continues to move the team with the mastery that his stripes and his experience give him, looking for the easiest route. Well wrapped up, everything is much easier for Badia’s. He always looked for bands, especially Dembélé.

Frenkie: Bad. The Dutchman is still in a state of lethargy more than worrying. You are not taking the step forward that is asked of you and your patience is wearing thin. He was one of the first substituted, receiving more whistles than applause.

Gavi: Spectacular. For a 17-year-old boy to do the exhibition he has shown at the Camp Nou is only typical of the next football prophet. We are facing the most brutal appearance since the arrival of Leo Messi and his spectacular game at the Gamper against Juventus. The goal he has scored is only for the elect. Only a crack is capable of such oriented control, dribbling and finishing. Chanted at times by the Camp Nou, it seems clear that the fans already have someone to identify with and idolize.

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Sunrise: Irregular game from the side, who ended up exhausted after a great effort, since we must not forget that he had just recovered from some discomfort in the hamstrings. Hence, his game was clearly from more to less. In the second goal he came out clearly portrayed.

Dembélé: Sparkling, but little else. It is like a bottle of cava with a lot of gas but little body. Neither the right nor the left offered much danger. His only actions of merit were burned in the first half, offering dangerous assists that his teammates did not know how to take advantage of. The public, in general, applauded the Frenchman, although some whistle also fell, especially with the score at 2-2.

Jutglà: Superlative. In little more than twenty minutes he showed Luuk the way and not exactly the way of force. It’s about knowing how to move between the lines and associate. In this way he already scored in the first minute, although the goal was annulled. Then he scored with a superb header to a Dembélé corner kick. He had the third goal in his boots, but the ball went out when he shot at close range. He also had another chance to search for space inside the area, but the goalkeeper cleared the shot with difficulties.

Abde: He was very active, but without the state of grace that he showed on the day of Osasuna. In any case, the Moroccan winger, off the hook on the left wing, always made an effort, facing his marker and putting him in more than a hurry.


Nico: Masterly. His goal gave the team three points. Before he had already warned with another shot that they took practically from the goal line. Right now he is more decisive than Frenkie on the field.

Riqui Puig: He put the game in gear when he needed it. He was dynamic in the game between the lines.

Bucket: He played as a left winger, and although he lost many balls, his momentum and speed gave the team a lot of air.

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