Home Sports Barça’s ultimatum to one of the candidates to replace Gavi

Barça’s ultimatum to one of the candidates to replace Gavi

Barça's ultimatum to one of the candidates to replace Gavi

Amid the uncertainty surrounding the winter market, Barcelona are working in secret, looking for potential signings that could strengthen their squad. Although the final decision is not yet clear, one name that is on the minds of managers is that of Guido Rodríguez, Real Betis’ Argentine midfielder.

Guido Rodríguez is 29 years old and has solid experience in LaLiga. He fits perfectly into the profile of the player Barcelona are looking for to strengthen their defensive core. An international player for the Argentine national team, his quality and knowledge of Spanish football make him an attractive option for the culé club. Furthermore, his contract with Betis expires at the end of the season and there appears to be no sign of an extension any time soon, which could open up an opportunity for Barcelona, ​​according to Sport newspaper.

However, Gavi’s injury has put an unexpected twist on this potential operation. The regulations allow Barcelona to make a single signing until the end of the season, which in the case of Guido Rodríguez would mean a temporary loan. This presents an additional challenge as Betis would have to consider whether it would be beneficial for them to release the Argentine now or wait until the end of the season.

They will use their resources to convince the Betics

Barcelona have cards in hand to convince Betis of these negotiations. The green and white club plan to sell Miranda in January and Barcelona have a 40% stake in a future sale. Additionally, Betis is interested in acquiring 100% of the rights to Chadi Riyadh, which could be a negotiating point to balance the balance.

However, the Spanish league could present obstacles to this operation, so a creative formula will be used to overcome any obstacles. Despite these challenges, Barcelona will not rush into a signing for the sake of signing. The club has a strict player selection process and although Guido Rodríguez is not their only option, they believe he is the closest to their needs, particularly in terms of quality and price.

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