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Barça’s strategy to put pressure on Dembélé

Barça's strategy to put pressure on Dembélé

Barcelona are preparing to resume training this Sunday after a well-deserved three-day break after returning from the USA tour, ahead of the thrilling Gamper against Tottenham next Tuesday. However, the atmosphere at the Camp Nou is not entirely calm due to the ongoing negotiations over the departure of a key player: Ousmane Dembélé.

Although negotiations on the transfer are well advanced, no full agreement has yet been reached and time is running out as plans were to announce his departure later this week. Nonetheless, Dembélé has been called up for next Sunday’s training session, suggesting he will have to make himself available to coach Xavi Hernández if his departure is not officially confirmed.

Dembélé’s departure has surprised the company and the club’s managers, who knew the player had a special clause in his renewal contract last summer. According to this clause, if the player informed Barcelona of another club’s interest before July 31, Barça would have to accept his transfer for 50 million euros. The French winger has already reached a full agreement with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and has actually traveled to Paris personally to complete the operation. However, the agreement between Barcelona and the Parisian club on the payment modalities is still pending.

They are fed up with the Parisian game, they want a decision now

Everything seems to depend on these latest negotiations for Dembélé’s departure to become official and for the young talent to continue his career with the French side. Meanwhile, those involved are working flat out to find a solution as soon as possible and close an important chapter for Barcelona. The Catalans are completely fed up with this tug-of-war with the Paris side and it seems the solution is to pressure the player to speed up negotiations and leave him in the end. Logically, although Barça called him up for training today, his relationship with Xavi is completely broken as the Catalan coach is very disappointed and can’t be counted on.

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