Barça’s economic dream

The economic vice president of the FC Barcelona, ​​Eduard Romeu, has before him the difficult task of leading the club’s economic recovery, which is at a critical moment. In an interview with TV3, Romeu is optimistic in being able to achieve an improvement and as an example he puts the next negotiation for the sponsor of the shirt. The Barça ends at the end of next season his commitment to Rakuten and is on the table or renewal with this brand or look for a new sponsor. Anyways, Romeu is ambitious and hopesDespite the club’s momentum and Messi’s departure, the main hook for the sponsors until this year, to improve the contract.

“We don’t look at the current value, we look at the value before the pandemic. Obviously we have to overcome it. Whoever wants to put their name on the shirt will have to pay. This contract will help us to clean up the club more quickly. It is a project that pays for itself, with extraordinary income to what the club currently has. Not only will it not generate any extra costs for the club, but it will also bring new resources to the club thanks to the exploitation of all this space. “

Asked about Messi’s departure and Laporta’s words in which the president acknowledged having dreamed of Messi playing for free for a year, Romeu pointed to his president’s argument: “I am just as deluded as the president, yes. What Messi has done is very legitimate, and it is not any criticism. But seeing all the inconveniences that they put us and being fully aware of the effort that the club was making, there was a moment that I thought I could play for free. Why shouldn’t I accept LaLiga? It is very legitimate that a player could do this action of love to a club, to some colors “.

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