Barça will have €54M more in salary mass from July 1

The financial, and therefore sporting, situation of Barcelona is so catastrophic that it is about to see its salary mass increase by 54 million more euros starting this Saturday. And it is that the landing of the Blaugrana loanees, as of this July 1, will mean a real slab for the club’s objectives of lowering the salary mass of the squad, with Samuel Umtiti as the main target: his return means increasing by 20 million the financial burdens of the club, as the program ‘Què t’hi jugues’ on Ràdio Barcelona advanced. From here, the list seems endless and the waste unaffordable: Clément Lenglet (16), Serginho Dest (10.8), Nico González (4.5), Álex Collado (2.7) and Gustavo Maia (1.6).

With all of them, with the exception of the Moroccan Ezra Abde -Xavi is counting on him for next season-, his future is expected to be resolved before July 10, the date the team begins the preseason. In some cases, the door is even opened to the transfer as a solution, especially in players with higher chips, such as Lenglet, Umtiti and Dest. In the others, the doors are opened to a new assignment, and in some, like the Brazilian Maia, directly his termination of contract.

What is clear is that it is an unaffordable burden for the club, these 54 million that it would have to face due to out-of-date contracts and clearly counterproductive. An inheritance clearly from the past that forces Joan Laporta to make authentic bobbin lace to revive the club. This same Wednesday, the board will have to guarantee six million euros to deal with the pending renovations.

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The situation is even more worrisome when it comes to reinforcements: the club cannot complete any operation by having the departure tap completely paralyzed. In addition, the LaLiga Viability Plan allows few joys, although now the margin for the clubs has increased, going from 40% to 50%. In other words, for every million entered or released in a sale you will be able to use 500,000 euros, while until now you could only use 400,000 euros.

With these enormous difficulties, the club is working against the clock to give an urgent release to those on loan and to close the signing of Marcelo Brozovic, who is waiting for Barcelona to offer him a formal proposal and thus give up the millions from Arabia. Among the possible outputs, only Kessié would be willing to leave, but as long as the conditions are very favorable for the Ivorian.

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