Barça puts an end to Valdepeñas’ unbeaten at home

In full wave of duels postponed due to COVID-19, there could be no better way to start the Day 14 of the First RFEF Futsal than with a meeting between the first two of the table: Barça and Viña Albali Valdepeñas. And the clash lived up to expectations, with a dizzying pace, countless chances and, above all, goals. The culé team was victorious, thanks to a tremendous comeback in the second half, which was the first defeat of the Vintner team on their court so far in the League (He had six victories in as many games). Pito and Sergio Lozano, with two doubles, leave the Barça leader with nine points of advantage over Valdepeñas himself.

Those of Jesús Velasco came out in a whirlwind and cornered the La Mancha team in their area during the first minutes. In the 5 ‘, Whistle opened the can After receiving a great pass between the lines from Marcenio and that made both the stands and the Valdepeñeros players, a successful communion so far this season, activated. It was not long before the tie came with a penalty converted by Chino that Humberto had previously caused. In two minutes the momentary comeback was consummated, thanks to a individual action of Chino himself down the left side, leaving Ferrao, that ended in a goal (his tenth goal in the league).

There the magic of the locals ended and Barça unleashed the perfect storm in the second half. And Valdepeñas had all the colors to have sentenced the game, but when it was not Dídac with miraculous saves, Marcenio saved the goal under sticks, and when not, the lack of aim. So until in five minutes, from 32 ‘to 37’, the Catalans made a comeback that chilled the vintners. In an apparently innocent move, Pito tried the shot and fortune smiled at him: the ball hit Catela just enough and threw Edu off the track. Tie. And the final stampede of the Buffalo was yet to come, Sergio Lozano, who with two individual actions (one resolved with quality and another stumbling, almost falling to the ground after colliding with Catela) he left the meeting resolved. The team less thrashed at home in the competition ended up reaching 4 goals from the hands of a Barça that adds 37 points out of 42 possible. There is no one to stop them …

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