It was Barça’s last game before facing Real Madrid in the Euroleague semifinals on Thursday and the azulgranas resolved the match against Baxi Manresa with solvency. They played a first discrete part, those who can condemn a defeat, but broke out after the break. Laprovittola was the protagonist, the catalyst, on whom the victory began to be built. And Barça settled it collectively. Manresa, who were playing for their position in the playoffs, lived from the inside game in the first 20 minutes but died drowned in their own mistakes. He lowered a gear, was very unwise from three and missed Francisco and Thomasson. With Moneke and Badio was not enough.

Despite Barça’s good start (2-9), the Catalans were never able to match Manresa’s intensity. Neither with the starting lineup nor with the refreshment men. Manresa ran and imposed their plan, as they have done for much of the season, with Moneke as the absolute leader. He blocked defense, ran offense and made several 3-point plays. Barça, very uncomfortable on the floor, soon found themselves behind (21-15).

Sima was a headache for the interiors of the club, who also joined in the attack. The azulgranas forced to abuse the three shot with a harmful balance (2/14) until two consecutive triples almost Smits stilled water. Nevertheless, he continued to play what would Manresa with a club in tow, uncomfortable and with few ideas. At the break the score was favorable to the premises (40-33) that left the club in a poor 33 points. With a point unlucky in the shot, Barca finished the first half with 10 of 33 shooting from the field.

Barca left the locker room with a partial 0-8 that put them back ahead on the scoreboard. More agile and fluids, they matched three. Quite the opposite Manresa, which followed very ill-advised from the line of 6.75. Laprovittola Barca emerged as a leader in the absence of Calathes, Sanli or Mirotic (heavily laden with faults) matching not only the score, but the game. The domain of the Manresa vanished, turning the duel exchange baskets between two teams with a very tight score (51-50). Or rather, between Manresa and Laprovittola. The Argentine desmelenó, leading the club to the maximum of the match (54-63). Barca’s third quarter was very good.

Sanli’s irruption (five points in a row) ended up decanting the match. With a terrible percentage of three, Manresa no longer added inside. Moneke kept trying and Badio scoring, but the absences of Francisco and Thomasson were notorious in the locals. Especially in attack. Barça, six from the end, had already gone on the scoreboard (60-78). The end was a process for the azulgranas.


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