Barça: OK to the first filter for the Champions League

Barça has a reason to feel optimistic. As reported this Friday Sports world, the Committee of First Instance of the FEF, decision-making body of the Federation responsible for reviewing the information provided by the UEFA License Department and who is in charge of deciding whether to grant or deny the UEFA License, In principle, it will give the green light to the Barça club to participate in the 2023-24 Champions League.

This does not mean, however, that Barça have done it. It’s just a first filter. In parallel, the UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committeethrough inspectors Leuba and Koller, continues to collect information on the Negreira case to decide whether Barça could have infringed the UEFA legal framework (article 31.4 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations). Aleksander Ceferin is still awaiting that report. Also the UEF Court of AppealA, which is the one that at the time could make use of that “ineligibility” clause by which the Barça club could be left out of the Champions League next season. However, the presumable green light for this first filter and Laporta’s visit to Ceferin have sparked optimism at Barça.

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