EI Barça returns home with the idea of ​​returning to Germany to defend its Champions League title in Cologne. The victory in Flensburg by 29-33 (13-18) in the first leg of the quarterfinals makes him optimistic, but the reality is that the possibility of having resolved and leaving the second leg of next week in something like a friendly was left. It is seen that it maintains the trend of the whole year, to be condescending with the rival, not to overwhelm when he can and should, and practice the pious work of not cruelty. He allowed the reaction and that he started at the Palau.

The match was missing two stars, Wanne for the locals, and Fabregas for the Spanish team. Nobody noticed his absences because his replacements were the best, Emil Jakobsen (9 goals), and Ben Ali (8 goals, without a miss). It is not well known why, Ben Ali has not been offered renewal by the Catalan team.

Apart from the anecdote of the absent stars, Barça cemented its victory in some insurmountable early game. In the so-called scoring minutes, when the players are touching the ball to see how the resin adapts, Ortega’s men were flying: 3-9 in the 10th minute.

Flensburg, limited in numbers, with only five players on the front line, without a replacement at its ends, was reborn thanks to the fact that Barça did not keep the roller. He slowed down because this year he insists on the wings that do not give life to his wingers, and the German team was almost into the game (13-18) at halftime.

Another enraged exit, again the differences, and again to rest on our laurels with turnovers and forgetfulness that did not touch. It is the third victory of the season against the now dying Flensburg, for the second leg at the Palau next Thursday (18:45).


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