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Barça – Juventus is suspended due to a virus in the culé squad!

Barça - Juventus is suspended due to a virus in the culé squad!

Barça announced shortly before 10:00 a.m. (7:00 p.m. in Spain) that viral gastroenteritis has attacked a large part of its squad and that the first The preseason friendly that was scheduled for the early hours of Saturday to Sunday (4:30 a.m.) against Juventus in Turin is suspended. Barcelona sources clarified that gastroenteritis is viral, not from having eaten any food in poor condition. During the night, several players have called doctors with symptoms of being affected by the virus from their rooms. Right now, there are about 14 or 15 players affected by the virus and there are also members of Xavi’s staff (not the coach) with symptoms.

During the first day of his stay in Los Angeles, the club’s press department reported that Iñigo Martínez had not trained because he was still in the readaptation phase of his problems with the fascia in his right foot, but also that Balde and Koundé had woken up with stomach problems after the trip. Romeu and Eric are now among the victims. Players who are not affected will be able to exercise today at the hotel facilities.

As Barça had planned to travel during the day, the unforeseen event did not catch him in Santa Clara. The players remained locked in the rooms of the LA Intercontinental hotel, in the downtown of the Angels. The decision was made so late that part of the Barça board and the expedition were already boarding the charter waiting for the players to do so, who always go on a different bus. The one who did catch up in San Francisco was the majority of the media displaced on Barça’s US tour, who were already in the Californian city.

Barça waited until the last minute to communicate with Juventus and inform them that the game could not be played, although the players had been aware of it since 9:00 a.m. Barça thought about offering Juventus the chance to play this Sunday, but there is an option for the players to continue to be affected, so for now they have preferred not to. The income of the tour could be reduced even if the problem is of a majeure cause. Barça’s next matches must be played on the 27th (Arsenal at SoFi in Los Angeles), the 29th (Real Madrid, in Arlington) and on August 1 against Milan in Las Vegas.

Joan Laporta has regretted the suspension of the Barcelona match against Juventus. The culé president has assured in a video from the club’s Twitter: “We woke up with the misfortune that a large part of our squad had symptoms of intestinal viral gastroenteritis that causes vomiting and decomposition. Life and football sometimes produce and surprise us with these situations that change a dynamic or alter plans. We really wanted to see the league champion team with the new additions of the season and what is a very hard blow especially for the affected players who have a quick recovery. All Barça fans wanted to be in San Francisco playing a game against Juve, it will not be possible for this reason due to force majeure. Unfortunately the game has been canceled because the summer tour was very scheduled and we don’t have any more dates for this game to take place and we’re going to see how to make up for it”.

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