Home Sports “Barça is the first interested in clarifying the ‘Negreira Case'”

“Barça is the first interested in clarifying the ‘Negreira Case'”

"Barça is the first interested in clarifying the 'Negreira Case'"

The president of Barcelona, Joan Laportawants to get to the bottom in the ‘Negreira case’ and continues to defend that the Blaugrana club is the main party interested in clarifying this complaint, which said that forms part of a gigantic campaign against the blaugrana teamwho has nothing to hide.

“The ‘Negreira Case’ is a gigantic smear campaign against our club. We have never carried out any action to vary the sports results. Maintaining an advisory relationship with people with experience in the technical arbitration field does not constitute any illegal action, much less criminal. It was done clearly and transparently with the corresponding detailed invoices by concepts and payments by bank transfer. At least, that’s how it was done in my term as president which was from 2003 to 2010. The first person interested in having it investigated to the end is FC Barcelona itself”, said the president.

Joan Laporta made these statements during his speech before the Blaugrana Senateformed by the thousand oldest members of the entity, although only 106 attended to the meeting. By statute, the president is obliged to take stock of the season in the second quarter of each season to expose the state of the club.

After thanking the attendees for their commitment to the club, Laporta summed up the sports season as “good, because LaLiga has been won, which was the priority objective thanks to the commitment of the players”. Laporta highlighted the work of mateu alemanywho “worked in very compromised and complicated conditions due to economic demands” and Jordi Cruyffwhom he wished luck “in his next destination”

As for future plans, the president of Barcelona was ambitious: “We want more because we are demanding and this is the best team in the world, that is why we are working to strengthen the world team, which, improved, will be able to aspire to everything the next season. It will not be easy because of the inheritance we received in terms of wage bill, which has to be further reduced. But it is one thing to reduce the wage bill and another to reduce the value of the workforce, which has increased. The players are worth more and are more competitive”.

Laporta ended his positive message of confidence in the future by ensuring that “We are on the right way. They have approved the viability plan and we will be able to register important players”. Laporta, among the successes of the year, wanted to highlight especially those of the women’s soccer team and was “very happy to have won the Women’s Champions League.”

One of the star themes of his appearance was that of the new Camp Nou. “The financing of the Espai Barça will not cost the members money of the club, will not jeopardize the sports management of the club or mortgage the club’s assets. More than 20 investors have contributed 1475 million euros in an environment complicated by the war in Ukraine and the banking crisis. We came out stronger. The new Camp Nou Spotify, the new Palau and the Barça campus is the best legacy we can leave to the next generations”

“These works involve a transfer to Montjuïc for a year and a few months. It is an effort, but we will try to compensate it with an ambitious mobility plan and an effort at all levels to maintain all the benefits that we can. We even made an effort to lower the season passes looking for alternative income, ”she assured.

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