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Barça finalizes in Puente Genil how to survive without Fabregas

Parera, pivote del Barça.

The Genil-Barça Bridge this morning raised a couple of unknowns to clear up: on the one hand, the result, although the visiting victory seemed clear, and There was only the usual uncertainty if this time the bell could be given, which it was not (27-34); and the other, How would Carlos Ortega face his team’s game after knowing that against Flensburg in the quarterfinals of the Champions League he will not have Fabregas.

The French pivot, who underwent surgery this week for appendicitis, like the winger Janc a month ago, is an orchestral player for Batça: he attacks and defends in the center in the 6-0, his movements along the six-meter line are known by his teammates who use him to gain space with him, and with Petrus it forms the first shield of the goalkeepers of the squad. Well, and since Frade is also injured, they wanted to see how Ortega was going to rehearse this clash prior to the confrontation against the German team.

Barça kept the 6-0, with N´Guessan from the start alongside Petris, and with Ben Ali as penultimate in defense and pivot in attack, as always. he also played Artur Parera, to give Ben Ali a break, and protect him because he is the only healthy pivot in the squad.

Barça won, and Puente Genil had its little bit of glory (6-5, minute 10), although at half-time everything went according to the azulgrana plan: 14-19. And nothing much more relevant happened, such as complex and different defenses due to the loss of a benchmark and to compensate. That yes, Javi Garcia, local pivot, made a break for the Barcelona fans in the first minutes.



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