Barça delays the announcement of the financing of Espai Barça

In a brief statement, Barça reported this Friday that “it is in the process of closing the financing of Espai Barça” and that “it will close the final negotiations next week”. After the Board of Directors this Thursday, the official announcement of the financial operation that will allow the Camp Nou to be rebuilt was expected this Friday. However, the Barça club is still pending to finalize the details.

The operation is not trivial. Barça is pending the approval of a loan of 1,500 million euros that, in principle, will sign with Goldman Sachs and that it is structured in various phases. In the first, Barça will receive a loan of 500 million at an interest rate of six percent. In the other two phases, the first 100 million euros of profit provided by Espai Barça will go to the Catalan box. The rest of the revenues will go directly to the liquidation of the credit.

for now, Joan Laporta will no longer keep his word to close the operation before March 31 and announce it publicly as promised on March 7 at the Círculo Ecuestre. However, The brief statement from the Barça club suggests that the signing of the 1,500 million loan is not at risk despite the information of the last days in which some distrust of investors was dropped due to the possibility that Barça was excluded from the next Champions League due to the ‘Enríquez Negreira Case’. The sports vice-president of the Barcelona entity, rafael yustealso took for granted on Friday morning the transfer of Barça to Montjuïc next year, of which the FEF has even been notified.

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