Barça, best balance of red cards, penalties and titles from 2003 to 2018

earthquake in can barca after the information revealed by the Chain BE and AS, which prove the existence of payments from the Barça club worth almost 1.4 million euros to Enríquez Negreiraformer vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA), between 2016 and 2018. another new barçagatejust two years after Chain SER Catalunya affirmed that a company contracted by the club had carried out a smear campaign on social networks against individuals and entities not related to the board of directors of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

It was precisely the one who was the president of the club at that time (from 2015 to 2020) who revealed first-hand to the program ‘Què t’hi Jugues’, from BE Catalonia, that he was aware that heThe payments for these arbitration reports existed, at least, since 2003. A systematized remuneration policy that was terminated from the Camp Nou offices in 2018, obeying the structural need to cut costs.

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The controversial report

AS has collected the statistics from Opta’s historical archive from the 2003-04 season to the 2017-18. During those fifteen seasons, Barcelona shows the most favorable balance in penalties, with 68 (125 in their favor, for the 57 against), and in red cards, with 43 (61 received, for the 104 shown to their rivals). In this last figure, they practically double their immediate rival: Sevilla.

For comparison, the statistics of the six teams that were not relegated (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic Club, Sevilla, Atlético, Valencia and Espanyol) in that period of time have been counted. Likewise, the data for the Copa del Rey and Supercopa have been excluded so as not to distort the calculation as they are competitions with a different format and eliminatory character.

Matches Penalties committed Penalties received Balance penalties Red cards received Red cards to rivals Balance cards
Barcelona 570 57 125 +68 61 104 +43
real Madrid 570 66 126 +60 88 83 -5
Athletic Club 570 85 100 +15 98 102 -4
Seville 570 89 112 +23 111 135 +24
Atletico Madrid 579 72 93 +21 93 94 -1
Valencia 570 94 83 -eleven 78 93 +15
Spanish 570 76 72 -4 80 93 +13

*(in bold, the team that leads each statistical section from a positive perspective).

Barcelona, ​​in turn, also leads the list of national titles. During those 15 seasons, he added nine Leagues, six Copas del Rey and eight Spanish Super Cups to his showcases. Madrid, for its part, won four Leagues, two Cups and three Super Cups.

League Champion King’s Cup Champion Super Cup Champion
2003-04 Valencia Saragossa Saragossa
2004-05 Barcelona Betis Barcelona
2005-06 Barcelona Spanish Barcelona
2006-07 real Madrid Seville Seville
2007-08 real Madrid Valencia real Madrid
2008-09 Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona
2009-10 Barcelona Seville Barcelona
2010-11 Barcelona real Madrid Barcelona
2011-12 real Madrid Barcelona real Madrid
2012-13 Barcelona Athletic Barcelona
2013-14 Atletico Madrid real Madrid Atletico Madrid
2014-15 Barcelona Barcelona Athletic Club
2015-16 Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona
2016-17 real Madrid Barcelona real Madrid
2017-18 Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona

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