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Barça B come back and beat Balona with a touch

Two goals from Rodado and Jutglà served for Barça B to come back from Coulibaly’s goal at the minute of play. Great party for Jandro, owner and lord of the wide area. La Balona, ​​which started out as a motorcycle, barely made the second team of Barcelona suffer.

The first half was vibrant, fast-paced, entertaining and with a lot to tell. Coulibaly, who had crashed a ball on the crossbar as soon as he started, scored the 0-1 at the minute of play after taking advantage of a lack of understanding between Arnau Tenas and Comas. Despite such an early blow, the Blaugrana subsidiary does not break down and Shot, with an excellent shot, balances the score.

Surprisingly, the one who is touched is the Balona and Barça B manages to turn the scoreboard at 21 through Jutglà, That makes a wonderful shipment of I walk from long distance profitable to win back behind the linense and overcome Nacho Miras with authority.

The game continued to be a round trip with chances for Sergi Barjuán’s men to sentence as one that at 62 ‘Muñiz took out under sticks after a shot by Rodado. Barcelona may not go through its best moments as an institution. But what never loses in any of its categories is its stamp. Good school, touch with sense and a lot of ambition. La Balona could not find the way. His great start had faded and he needed new ideas.

It was difficult for Romerito’s men a world to snatch the ball from the Barça fans and 3-1 seemed more feasible than 2-2. A team from more to less. And time was slipping through his fingers. Those of La Línea attacked with much disorder and without plan. Disorganized herds. Barça B takes air and confidence, while Balona stagnates and concedes its second consecutive defeat,

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