Barça Avoids Hezonja Drama

Alex Abrines, the captain of FC Barcelona, is one of the key players of the Spanish basketball team preparing for the pre-Olympic tournament in Valencia. The team, led by coach Scariolo, aims to secure a spot in the Paris Games.

Abrines spoke to Marker from the team’s concentration, expressing the team’s desire to be in the Olympics. “We play to be in one more Olympic Games, many of us have already played some and the truth is that the desire to be able to be in another Olympics is maximum. We have a mix of experience and young people, I think there is a team to compete.”

The team is aware of their past failures, including their loss in the World Cup. “We know that we competed in the games we lost, but we fell short. We could have done better things and fought a little more. By having failed, we have earned having to play all or nothing to be in the Games and we have many incentives, it is the captain’s last year and we want him to retire in style.”

Rudy spoke highly of Abrines, saying that his achievements and sporting career speak for themselves. “He is a reference for the Spanish player who comes from a small place and ends up triumphing and winning trophies of all colors.”

Abrines also discussed the new era of Spanish basketball, saying that the team is different from the generation of the 80s. “I don’t see that we have more pressure, they have set the bar very high, the generation of the 80s is the history of Spain and it will be very difficult for any generation to come close to them, I hope so and we can be fighting for titles every year without failure as has happened in the last 15 years.”

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Ricky Rubio spoke about his relationship with Abrines, saying that he has always tried to help him as a friend and as a captain. “When he overcame everything and signed for Barça, that change is also difficult and I always tried to help him as a friend and as a captain. Now he is going through a process, I understand that he has to think about everything that has happened these months.”

Abrines also discussed the team’s new coach, Peñarroya, saying that he has total trust in him. “As captain and player, help him as much as possible to make him comfortable because we all want the same thing, which is to win titles. We trust in him and with him to the death until it lasts.”

Abrines also commented on the ‘No’ signing of Mario Hezonja, saying that he understands the fans’ discomfort. “I think the right decision has been made, which was not to continue if there was something signed.”

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