Home Entertainment Barbie is also at the top in music

Barbie is also at the top in music

Barbie is also at the top in music

Barbie is also at the top in music

One of the most anticipated films of the year, ‘Barbie’, has taken over the box office immediately after its release on 21 July. ‘Barbie’ topped ‘Oppenheimer’ at the box office. Along with this, the music of the movie also conquered the UK music charts.

Tracks by Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and Nicki Minaj have gone straight into the top five since their release.


Official Singles Chart bosses say it’s the first time three tracks from a soundtrack have reached the top five at the same time. It also made history with six of its tracks making it to the Top 40. Billie Irish’s ‘What Was I Made For’ was at number three, Dua Lipper’s ‘Dance the Night Away’ at number four, Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s ‘Barbie World’ at number five, Charli XCX’s ‘Speed ​​Drive’ at number 19, Ryan Gosling’s ‘ I’m Just Why’ reached number 25 and Lizo’s ‘Pink’ reached number 39 on the music charts.

Its music played an important role in the massive promotion and box office hit of ‘Barbie’.

The music of ‘Barbie’ is also in the mouths of the audience.

Ever since the first look and release date of the movie ‘Barbie’ was revealed on Twitter in April 2022, the audience’s frenzy around the movie has been at its peak. ‘Barbie’ released on 21 July. Margot Robbie’s look has been well received.

Ravi is also being appreciated in terms of acting. Apart from this, Ryan Gosling is getting a lot of praise. The movie is produced by Warner Bros. At the end of the first week after the release, the income of ‘Barbie’ exceeded 500 million dollars.

Source: BBC News