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Barbie explodes at the box office: Hollywood renaissance or mesmerizing, ephemeral brilliance?

In a sick Hollywood where its great giants explode at the box office, Barbie waves from all this massacre. After poor $380 million at the box office fromIndiana Jones: The Dial of Destiny (It should be remembered that the blockbuster cost a modest sum of 294.7 million dollars in total) – that’s almost 200 million deadweight losses for Lucasfilm (Sources CNET.com). The Lightning fromAndy Pussetti also bit with a near deficit 200 million also for them warner. Transformers: Rise of the Beastwithout being a big failure is a very small score for a Of highest importance who hoped for more profits ($438 million). Finally, Blue Beetle is also on the way to becoming one hell of a financial fiasco.

Two beings came to save everything: Barbie from Greta Gerwig And Oppenheimer from Christopher nolan. On the day of August 27, 2023It is $1.295 billion for the first and $727 million for the second. Two very big successes will relieve sick Hollywood. Barbie collects the amazing score of 581 million in the United States the 14th biggest hit of all time Super Mario, The Dark Knight or even Rogue One.

And what about the opening in three days? 162 million which clearly pulverized the last iteration of the Protector of the Galaxy and be 118 million ? Barbie should logically end his career 1.4 billionwhat would be a great success warner. However, it is difficult to say that a barbie 2 could be a good idea for several reasons.

Barbie © Warner Bros.
Barbie © Warner Bros.

Already stop the surprise effect. The feature film had raised everyone’s questions thanks to a well-oiled marketing campaign that piqued fans’ curiosity. However, the inclusion of a second film could be a hideaway. what is the doll mattel would have more to sell and Greta Gerwigto say more? The filmmaker has already released her feminist message, which has caused controversy. Between those who say the film is ” anti-men » and those who argued that it was just a big advertisement for the doll, opinions skyrocketed, leading to a de facto dynamic word of mouth.

However, this is neither a feature film with a spectacular ideology nor a renewal in the history of cinema. Barbie Clever and effective marketing with a trendy and colorful surprise effect has helped here, with the aging blockbusters being limited to a traditional recipe that no longer works. The films that work today have an idea, a strong concept. Barbie broke through with his funny and cheeky spirit, Oppenheimer thanks to his experience with the bomb which the pubs were careful not to sell.

In any case, it can show that Barbie, apart from its brilliance, probably cannot be renewed with such force and ruthlessness. Above all, the film must show that it is important for the Hollywood giants to change the dynamic and sell their feature films differently.

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