Barbastro of the Second Federation causes an Almería to crash in free fall

Barbastro of the Second Federation achieved a feat by eliminating Almería from the First League in the Copa del Rey (1-0), in a very efficient game for the locals and a very weak one for the Almería team.which has been unable to eliminate a competitor from three fewer categories, and its crisis is worsening.

At the start of the game, the ball had no owner as the two teams limited themselves to paying more attention to their rival than collaborating with the local team that wanted to make the game unpleasant for Almería In which the ball didn’t last long given the pressure from the rival.

As the minutes passed, Almería began to dominate Barbastro, who had to fall back in defense and accumulate men in the middle of the defense without having any problems with the local goal, since the visiting players acted very clearly further up and did not have much problems local goalkeeper Fábregas.

Although Gaika Garitano’s team reached the opponent’s field with ease, they could not find suitable ways to complete their moves given the sticky defense of the locals, who almost always got ahead of them, and therefore tested them with shots from a distance, without danger .

In one of the Barbastro team’s few attacks in the first half, the locals scored in the 28th minute through Franki Carbonell after a pass from Mingotes, without Almería reacting after conceding the goal.

After the break, Garitano made several changes and his team showed a very different picture than in the first half, although In the 48th minute, Javito had a clear chance after dribbling past several defenders, but was unable to shoot. to the visiting goal.

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The minutes passed and Almería was unable to create scoring chances, made many mistakes and hurried due to the desire to equalize the game, since they could not even create danger against an opponent that grew up with the approach of the final hour and very well stopped a superior team that didn’t show it on the field.

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