Baraja: “The fans have been brutal, but we haven’t achieved anything yet”

Valencia fans: “It has been brutal in every way. Arriving at a rival stadium and feeling that reception has brought tears to your eyes. As a player I have lived it and it is a real privilege. We really need our fans to the end. And we are going to return it with effort and work. It was a very difficult game due to the bad dynamics we had away. We had not been able to win and keep a clean sheet. This is not the result of chance, but of work”.

Change of drawing: “It gave more security at the back and this has allowed us to be more solid to be successful when we have enjoyed the chances. Winning in a field like Elche’s is difficult. Despite their situation, they have shown their faces in the game. You have to know that we haven’t done anything yet. We have gained hope, but we have to move it to Thursday”.

Continuity in the approach: “It is a system that we have worked on and with which we have been changing. We must be solid, being strong behind and forceful; So you always have options to win the game. This is how we have achieved it. They have understood it that way and have interpreted it well. We needed this result and everything has happened to make it happen. This is a crucial week for Valencia and we must go all out”.

Diakhaby lesion: “It seems like a little sprain and we will have to wait to find out if he can be in the next game.”

High temperatures: “It was very hot. This schedule is complicated. Gabi Paulista left because of a blow that he had suffered, like Nico, that he did not see and we need everyone to be well and with the maximum physical attitude. The heat affects all the teams and in places like Elche or Cádiz it affects more. It only remains to adapt ”.

Result: “It represents hope because you work and insist, because there is always a point where you lose hope. We have always sent a strong message that we can solve this situation. Today has been an example of this from minute 1 to 90. We have known how to suffer and the path is to continue being that intense”.

Find the cons: “What we need is to add and we must find the way to do it, coming out with speed on the counter like in the second goal, surprising the rival. That is based on having a clean sheet. The result has been good and now all that remains is to draw conclusions for the future, maintaining energy and emotions. When you win, the players seem better. When things go wrong, it is not easy to do it”.

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Euphoria: “You look at the classification and nobody can assess the classification as something positive because of the demands. You have to take this effort to the next game. We have achieved a good result and the objective is to keep Valencia out of relegation on matchday number 38. We cannot assess any other requirement than beating Real Valladolid in the next home game”.

Evaluation of the result: “He has given us the option to win a game and do things well. The game wasn’t so easy because they took lateral crosses from us and it was difficult to defend. The result is important so that people continue to believe in us. There has been a great atmosphere and this should serve us to show that we can achieve it. We must have the humility of the situation we are in”.

Bad streak out: “I’m not sorry because I only think about the next game. In Getafe we ​​were able to compete and we lost in the last minutes. In Barcelona we were able to compete and Atlético was far superior in all facets. And in Almería we didn’t get it right and they did. You have to look for the positives in things. The light that illuminates us is the work, the intensity and the faith that we have. Our fans are our main asset in all aspects. It makes you feel at home. We must try to maintain that connection. We have to show that we live up to our people”.

The stands have chanted his name: “I take it to mean that the support people are giving Carlos (Marchena), the team and me is brutal. It’s nice that they value your work and that they believe in you that we can get it out. All that they give must have its reward. I encourage you to come on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. because these fans carry you on the fly and that energy is what we need in this season finale. I run out of words to define what I can say about the fans. If more buses can be put in, it is a very good initiative. People are fundamental because of how they push. We must go step by step”.

Return to Elche: “Very good feelings to see good and professional people in the club. I regret that Elche has this situation because, as I said in the previous one, they gave me the opportunity to train in the First Division. We got a season ahead with many complicated things. I only wish good things for Elche”.j

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