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Bans ended, waves of children started

Bans ended, waves of children started

Abu Dhabi: What changes did the UAE make in school protocols after controlling the Corona epidemic?

According to the details, the United Arab Emirates has resumed schooling as usual for the academic year 2022 and has also implemented clear rules related to the Corona restrictions, some of which are listed below.

PCR testing: A school-going student will need a negative PCR test result taken within 96 hours of school admission while routine testing has been discontinued for students.

Social distancing: According to the Dubai Education Regulator, social distancing is not mandatory in educational institutions or buses, it is up to each facility to implement any decision in this regard.

Check temperature: According to the authorities, checking the temperature for the diagnosis of Corona is no longer mandatory, however, students experiencing high temperature or fever should stay away from school and get tested as soon as necessary.

Vaccination: Can all students attend classes, regardless of their vaccine status?

Mask on the face: Mandatory wearing of masks in closed places while open places made it optional.

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