Bangladesh was in the heart of the father: daughter of Samaresh Majumdar

Samaresh Majumdar’s eldest daughter Doel Majumdar said, father had Bangladesh in his heart. He liked Bangladesh very much. The sweets of Bangladesh were very dear to the father. In fact, there is no comparison between the kinship and kinship of the people of Bangladesh. It is only found in that country in the world. Moreover, our language is the same. As a result, Bangladesh was always dear to my father.

He said these things at the memorial meeting of ‘Kalbela’ creator Samaresh Majumder at GD Birla Sabhaghar in South Kolkata on Sunday evening. The famous fiction writer was remembered in words and songs in the meeting. Singer Surjit Chatterjee and Parnav of Bhumi band performed music in the event.

In the meeting, Tollywood actor Prosenjit Chatterjee said, I knew Samaresh Dada since childhood. I had a very good, sweet relationship with my mother. We used to go to their house and he used to come to our house. I kept in touch with Samareshda when I started struggling, thinking about career. I tried to work with some of his stories. But somehow it didn’t happen, that is ‘Arjuna’. I will finish this job anyway.

Andalib Elias, Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner in Kolkata, said that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was personally a fan of Samaresh Majumder’s writings. As a person he was very close to her, they had a good relationship. In fact, Samaresh Majumdar has won a place in our hearts through his writings. He was a very idealistic man and he reflected that in his writings.

Actor Ranjit Mallick said, I have known Samaresh Majumder for a long time. It has been about 35-36 years. The first contact with me was through the film ‘Nazarbandi’. We spent time together in the tea plantations of North Bengal due to work. Besides, we spent many days together in America, Canada, London for his outstanding play ‘Tin Noor Chokh’. There were many stage shows. Not many people know that he also acted there. Samresh Majumdar is a very polite, gentlemanly man. He was the centerpiece of our conversation.

Director Gautam Ghosh said, Samaresh Majumdar has left us, but in the memory of many people, wherever there are Bengalis, there are Bengali readers, be it West Bengal or Bangladesh, North America, he is popular everywhere. As a result, he will remain in the memory of many people.

He also said that Bengalis of Bangladesh and West Bengal will always remember Samaresh Majumdar. What else can be done? This is actually how it goes. We all have to leave one day. But memories remain in people.

Bangladesh Deputy High Commission Press Secretary Ranjan Sen, Political Analyst Subhash Singh Roy, Writer Prachet Gupta, Left Front Chairman Biman Bose, West Bengal State BJP Spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya, CPIM Leader Rabin Dev, CPIM Leader Ramla Chakraborty, Literary Shishendu Mukherjee, Poet Sanjeev Chattopadhyay, Director Gautam Ghosh, Dulal Lahiri, Actress Rituparna Sengupta, Rupa Ganguly, Khayali Ghosh Dastidar etc.

On this day, dignitaries paid floral tributes to Samaresh’s portrait before the start of the main event. Press club treasurer Deepak Debnath, convener Bhaskar Sardar, club members Dhrimal Dutta and Tapan Naskar also paid tribute to him on behalf of Kolkata’s Indo Bangla Press Club.

Samaresh Majumder died on May 8 in a private hospital in Kolkata. He was 79 years old. He was born on March 10, 1944 in Gorakata, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.

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