To continue honoring the mission of benefiting the Dominican family and microenterprises, the Fondesa Savings and Credit Bank presented the “Banfondesa Digital” platform, which offers a range of financial services and products.

This will allow your customers to carry out financial transactions online or via mobile phone, as well as; make purchases in commercial establishments and via the internet, cash withdrawals and recurring payments, quickly and safely, by using your new contactless Banfondesa visa debit card.

The presentation of the “Banfondesa Digital” platform, which includes mobile and online channels and the Banfondesa debit card, took place at the Business Building in Santiago.

Cristian Reyna, executive president of the bank, assured that these digital tools and means of payment have a very important meaning for Banfondesa, because they represent an opportunity for its clients to make inquiries, transfers and payments without having to go to a branch.

“With the new digital platform we want to encourage the population that is not yet part of this transformation, to have access to Banfondesa electronically, in an agile, close and friendly way. As a Bank, we seek to go beyond service; We aspire to a participatory and inclusive banking, which provides the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of families and micro-enterprises ”, stated Mr. Reyna.

Likewise, he assured that Banfondesa does not rest in the search for alternatives and financial solutions to effectively satisfy the needs of the entrepreneurial family, as well as small and medium-sized companies that support a large part of the national economy.

Noreida Criscito, manager of alternative channels, established that “Banfondesa Digital” offers a range of options to our clients, giving them the opportunity to self-manage and carry out multiple transactions, from wherever the person is. Under this vision, the Bank continues to provide solutions to low-income people, families and micro-enterprises that facilitate their lives in a mobile-friendly way, said Criscito.

In addition, in the 58 branches that BANFONDESA operates in the national territory, the entity makes available to its current and potential clients the new VISA BANFONDESA contactless debit card, a secure means of payment that at the same time facilitates access to the funds of the user account.

With these services, BANFONDESA confirms its leadership in microcredit for family consumption and its status as a financial institution with the greatest presence in rural areas and border areas, places where a relational Bank with a human face is most needed.

Banco de Ahorro y Crédito FONDESA, SA has a business model focused on microentrepreneurs, small-scale rural producers, low-income families, as well as urban and rural labor groups. It was created by the Development Fund, Inc. (FONDESA), and began its operations for the public on May 1, 2015, continuing the tradition of financial assistance to low-income segments, with the motto: “The Bank of the Family and the Microenterprise ”.



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