Banfield retired his futsal team after the scandal

The Banfield leadership will withdraw the women’s futsal team from the First B tournament organized by AFA, after the unsportsmanlike attitude of purposely scoring four goals against to avoid a rival in the playoffs.

Eduardo Spinosa, brand new president of “Drill”, announced this morning through a press release that, within the framework of the Board of Directors, it was decided to withdraw the team from the tournament.

“Dismissing DT, the main person responsible for the events, does not seem to us a sufficient measure, since it does not make sense to classify the playoffs in the way it was achieved,” Banfield remarked in the text in which he announced the measure.

Banfield considered “very serious” what happened last Saturday at the Nueva Estrella club in the match against Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata on the 10th date of the AFA futsal second division tournament. “We submit to the eventual sanctions that the Disciplinary Court stipulates just for the situation of public knowledge,” added the BanfileƱa CD.

This drastic decision adds to the dismissal of the coaching staff headed by Mariano Vila after the national and international repercussions that the event had.


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