Banco Popular reduced its carbon footprint by 40%

Popular emissions were 11,343 tons of carbon dioxide during 2020, which represents a reduction in the carbon footprint of 40%, compared to the emissions recorded in 2015, the base year of the corporate emissions inventory.
These results after the carbon footprint study of the banking entity, which were then presented to the Brihgtline Institute, which later allowed them to revalidate their certification as a carbon neutral organization, granted by, remaining as the only financial entity in the country that obtains two times this endorsement and that shows how it compensates its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions with its environmental sustainability and eco-efficiency programs.
According to a press release from Banco Popular, this international certification confirms that the bank complies with the ISO 14064-1: 2018 standard, so that its mitigation strategy “is effective and contributes to the sustainable development of the country”, promoting an economy low in carbon, by managing to offset 159,993 tons of carbon dioxide, mainly thanks to its reforestation programs, among other environmental and eco-efficient measures implemented.
Along with Popular, only two banks in Latin America have managed to neutralize their carbon footprint emissions, including their direct and indirect emissions.


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