The Banco Popular Dominicano (BPD) presented the Purpose Driven Finance Academy, an innovative web platform with educational content on personal, family and business finance created to extend financial education to the population and increase financial inclusion in the country.

The Purpose Driven Finance Academy was launched under the second Sustainable Finance Forum, a virtual event of Banco Popular, in which experts from five Ibero-American countries they approached financial education and the good sustainable management of personal and business finances from different perspectives. Over 4,600 people registered to participate in this second edition of the forum.

The digital education initiative is free for anyone who wants to improve their financial knowledge and raise your quality of life. According to the Central Bank’s National Survey of Financial Inclusion, it is estimated that only two out of ten people use a budget or record their income and expenses to plan their family finances.

The inclution
The Interested in the courses and workshops of the Academy of Finance with Purpose can access through the portal, and they will find content from expert facilitators and planning tools that will allow them to achieve financial health for their families, and for the growth of companies. Platform users who complete the training will obtain a certificate as an endorsement.

The training offer was structured to be practical and applicable, taking into account the bank’s market trajectory and experience with millions of clients.

The executive president of Banco Popular, Christopher Paniagua, pointed out that financial education is “the key to opening the doors of opportunities towards a better present and future. Getting financially educated is the step that changes everything ”.

Educational axes
The Purpose Driven Finance Academy offers six main educational axes: individual finance, with basic information to manage personal finances and organize financial goals; and family finances, which includes challenges as a couple and teachings to educate children.

For small companies there is the axis of business impulse, with learning about financial concepts, separation of personal and business finances, accounting and financial security that serve to contribute to the growth of a business project.

The fourth axis shows the steps and knowledge to evolve towards a sustainable lifestyle, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.For young people, the training offer includes a fifth axis of first financial experiences, which will teach them to know and handle their first financial products and be entrepreneurs. The sixth axis is oriented to the education sector, to teach school teachers and students.

100% Web platform
The web platform with training content in addition to the programs, courses and workshops, will offer simulators for calculating savings, loans, investment, retirement, emergency fund and education

100% digital content
It is completed with downloadable guides and templates, a blog and videos with up-to-date financial education content and advice for the integral well-being of people; Live event programming and a shopping cart for special activities will be included.



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