The Central Bank reported that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages group registered a variation of 0.81%, one of the ones that increased the most in December 2021, due to increases in coffee prices (9.10 %), eggs (3.57%), green bananas (3.32%), among others.

Likewise, other products that presented increases were potatoes (7.86%), sour lemons (25.94%), green bananas (3.42%), pork (2.00%), tomato paste (3.03%), red onions (3.16% ), avocados (7.01%), beef (1.24%), pumpkin (7.32%), cod (1.72%) and carrots (7.45%) among others.


However, some food goods registered price drops such as green pigeon peas (-19.24%) and peppers (-2.96%), the entity referred.

In general, the CPI for that month was 0.73%, placing year-on-year inflation, measured from December 2020 to December 2021, at 8.50%.

Variation by groups


group inflationTransportin the month of December 2021 it was 0.80%. It is mainly due to increases in the prices of air tickets (14.65%), liquefied gas (LPG) for vehicles (2.78%), regular gasoline (0.27%) and diesel (1.27%), due to the weekly adjustments provided by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM), in compliance with Law 112-00 on Hydrocarbons. In addition, the increase in the prices of land transportation services in motoconcho (1.52%), in taxi (3.10%), in public car (0.65%), automobiles (0.61%) and vehicle repair services (0.53%) contributed. ).

The price index corresponding to the groupliving placereflected a variation of 0.90% in December 2021, explained to a greater extent by the 2.78% rise in the price of liquefied petroleum gas for domestic use (LPG), the housing rental service (0.58%) and some items housing conservation and repair (0.96%), such as painting (1.35%) and housing maintenance services (0.75%).

Regarding the CPI of the groupMiscellaneous Goods and Services, the BCRD indicates that it grew 0.85% in December 2021, mainly due to price increases in personal care services, such as men’s haircuts (2.22%), hair washing and styling (1.23%), in personal care items such as toilet paper (0.71%), disposable diapers (0.54%), deodorants (0.49%), toothpaste (0.33%), sanitary napkins (0.52%) and razors (0.52%), in addition to vehicle insurance (1.06%).


The 0.94% growth of the group’s price indexRestaurants and Hotels, responds basically to the increase in the prices of some food services prepared outside the home, such as the dish of the day (0.91%), chicken service (1.44%), food services with accompaniment (0.52%), sandwiches ( 0.75%), empanadas (1.24%) and pizza (0.80%).

The BCRD highlights that the rise in prices observed in the CPI for this group is the result of increases in basic inputs for its preparation, including meat, oils, rice, bread, sausages, cheese, gas , among others, that directly affect the increase in the prices of these food services.