Ban on education, Pakistani medical students in Afghanistan got into trouble

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani medical students in Afghanistan are in trouble after the Taliban government banned girls’ education in neighboring Afghanistan.

According to details, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan banned the education of girls at a time when the exams of Pakistani medical students in Afghanistan are about to begin.

In this regard, a delegation of Pakistani medical students from Afghanistan met the acting chairman Mirza Afridi and informed about their problem.

The Acting Chairman of the Senate has announced the formation of a Senate committee for Pakistani medical students in Afghanistan.

While talking, the students said that 105 female students are studying in various medical colleges of Afghanistan, the Afghan government banned the education of female students a few days before the exam.

Acting Chairman Mirza Afridi said that he is aware of the difficulties of Pakistani medical students in Afghanistan, therefore a special committee is being formed which will invite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other institutions.

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