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Baldwin is unleashed in Vitoria

Carousel of casualties in both teams. Giedraitis joined the absentee list at the last minute due to an ankle sprain. It is something already recurring in your case. Alec Peters and Sander Raieste also watched the game from one of the backdrops. Baskonia came on a good wave after beating Barcelona in ACB and Asvel in Euroleague and won again: 101-86.

In Surne Bilbao Basket the situation was even more dramatic. Goudelock, Rafa Luz and Galán were injured. At the last minute Hakanson joined that list of headdresses, with a pseudo flu-like viral process. Mumbrú had to summon three boys from the subsidiary: Iker Chacón, David Monge and Gonzalo Basterrechea. They made their debut, yes, Stefan Peno and Khyri Thomas.

As if that were not enough, the existing floods in Vitoria and the bad weather caused the entrance to be a bit poor. In fact, the only access recommended by the authorities was to enter through Arkaute, next to the Ertzantza headquarters. A good detour after all when you can watch the game comfortably from home on television. The Buesa Arena is very close to the reservoir that flows into the Zadorra river and which is overflowing at various points. Snow, rain and flooded towns are a constant in the last days in the province of Álava. Some Bilbao Basket fans did show themselves in the stands.

The Biscayan started ahead, with self-confidence (7-10, min. 6). Thomas and Delgado were the executors. The quarter ended fairly even but a triple from his court on the horn of Matt Costello left the light at 22-18. From there, Spahija’s team tried to get off the ground, but Bilbao Basket always neutralized the differences.

Kurucs, who rarely counts for the Croatian coach, jumped onto the pitch much earlier than usual and the Latvian responded with solidity and points. In reality, the Dalmatian technician rotated considerably more than usual. Perhaps due to the absence of the Lithuanian Rokas Giedraitis. By the 14th minute, Simone Fontecchio had already 12 points. It was the best way to celebrate her 26th birthday. He blew the cake last Thursday and celebrated by beating Asvel. He was also ready to do it against the Surne.

In the absence of 3:38 before the break, Bitci were already winning 41-32. He did not lose face to the scoreboard again and was always ahead in the rest of the game. At intermediate time he went 13 points up after a technique pointed out to Álex Mumbrú for protesting an arbitration decision. The assessment of the two teams was, at the halfway point of the clash, from 66 to 27. Clear sensations of superiority on the part of the local team.

Surne came within 4 points (63-59, min 26) with a stellar update from Thomas, who had 23 points at that point. He is about a player who is going to give points in abundance to his team because he sees the hoops as swimming pools. But only five teammates accompanied him in scoring. Ten of the Baskonia had scored points at the end of the third quarter. 71-63 and to face the last ten minutes. The third quarter was won by the visiting team in a deserved way.

The local team stretched the rubber definitively at the start of the last period. With Baldwin as the main gunner (26 points), he went 79-67 in the 34th minute.. Mumbrú’s team no longer hit and the Alava took victory on the eve of traveling to Turkey to face Efes and Fenerbahçe in the Euroleague. The maximum came with the final figure.

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