Home Entertainment “Bajo Mundo”, the subgenre that Farruko claims to have created

“Bajo Mundo”, the subgenre that Farruko claims to have created

“Bajo Mundo”, el subgénero que Farruko asegura haber creado

Farruko and Axel Rulay came together to create a new musical concept which they called Bajo Mundo, baptized in the streets of Santo Domingo and “represents what music is, it does not contain many verses, nor is it repetitive; it is performed with jocular choirs and with the rhythm that is done in the country ”, indicates a statement.

To initiate this musical pairing between creation and sound, the young Dominican interpreter and the renowned Puerto Rican artist are articulated in the same line with the theme “Redonda”, to give continuity to this new sound and musical expression.

“I present to you a new subgenre that I have just baptized as Bajo Mundo, in honor of the underground that is the root of reggaeton, this new way of making music is a new flow. This mixture of different ingredients were the creators of songs like “Pepas”, “El misunderstood” and “The experiment”, which cannot be put in other genres because it is something new; I want my own playlist for this new subgenre, everyone is invited, I have the recipe and I share it, we are going to revolutionize music ”, Farruko established.

For Farruko, history is hardly written; although he clarifies that he respects the guaracha of Colombia, the reggaeton of Puerto Rico and the dembow of the Dominican Republic; but thanks to the public, from now on there is a new sound called Bajo Mundo. Despite being aware that a new genre is not appropriate, many revolutionaries were initially criticized, although in the end they are the ones who change the world.

On his side, the Dominican representative, Axel Rulay, assures that he feels proud and privileged to be part of history, together with one of the most important artists of urban music, such as Farruko, in addition to starting from scratch with the creation of a whole musical concept as it has been proposed, it is something that elevates it to the next level, hoping to achieve and bring this new concept to all corners and audiences.

The single with which they will start this new stage and the one they intend to turn into a musical genre, from which a festival would arise, where people join Bajo Mundo. It would include guests who sing on an album that will be the beginning of a new era, with world DJs and internationally renowned artists in English and Spanish languages.


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